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Recent posts

Adding Custom Packages to Buildroot

3 minute read

This article talks about adding a custom package into buildroot for creating your own Linux distribution for embedded and emulation targets.

Docker 101 for embedded systems Dev and DevOps

21 minute read

I started using docker back in 2016 and ever since, I have been using it in the context of embedded systems DevOps. This article condenses the learning so th...

Building a barebones web-push server

4 minute read

We use push notifications from web-sites on a daily basis. This article is about building one from the ground-up in order to understand how the whole system ...

Exploring virtualization in RISC-V machines

12 minute read

“RISC-V is classically virtualizable” – We come across this statement very often when we read about the merits of the RISC-V ISA. This article looks at what ...